TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

TS1860 2 Deck Scalper / Reclaimer

Being the largest of all the Tesab Scalper / Reclaimers, the TS1860 is unmatched in terms of Productivity and Versatility.

With a 225hp (168kw) CAT engine this machine has more than enough power to produce the levels of high quality product that you need.

A large hopper and wide feed opening allows material to flow freely and efficiently through the machine and the high performance screenbox ensures that all the material is excellently screened.

It would be difficult to find a more Versatile, Productive and Robust Scalper / Reclaimer on the market.

Key Features

Superior performance 20’ x 6’ (6.2m x 1.83m) Screenbox

Designed to operate in a huge range of applications

Manufactured from high quality components

Robust, durable and built to last


850 T/H*

CAT 225Hp (168Kw)

6.10m x 1.83m (20′ x 6′)

5.49m x 1.83m (18′ x 6′)

Height  3500mm (11′ 6″)

Width  3000mm (9’10”)

Length  16,970mm (55’8″)

Width  14,000mm (46’5″)

Length  16,500mm (54’1″)

Weight (Est)  39,500kgs (87,083Ibs)