TS1230 Portable Scalper/Reclaimer

TS1230 Portable Scalper / Reclaimer

The Tesab TS1230 delivers the versatile, heavy-duty configuration that is expected of the TS-Series screeners, but can be transported easily and economically.

The TS1230 is a perfect fit for contractors that require the ability to tackle large numbers of smaller heavy-duty construction, demolition, and remediation projects.

The TS1230 is built with the durability and screening performance that Tesab has built its reputation on, using high-quality components and the innovative High Energy Screenbox.

Key Features

2.8m x 1.220m (9’ x 4’) heavy duty high energy 2 bearing 2 deck screenbox

97kW (130Hp) diesel engine

Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors

Service standing room inside the powerpack

Fast on-site setup time – 10 minutes

Track mobile


97kW (130 Hp)

15,400kgs (33,951 lbs)

2.80m x 1.22m

Approx 4.13m³

Height 3.20m (10’ 6”)

Width 9.68m (31’ 9”)

Length 2.50m (8’ 2.4”)

Main Conveyor 3.38m (11’ 1”)

Side Conveyor 3.56mm (11’ 8”)