Tesab has a competitive warranty policy and warrants its new equipment to be free of defects in material for a specified period.

We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable solutions on the market, and this extends to an industry-leading warranty that comes as standard on our products.

Simply Warranty

Tesab has a Warranty Management Platform available to all dealers. The on-line platform allows dealers to manage the entire machine warranty lifecycle, from uploading start-up and training documents, to a full dealer dashboard of all claims which will enable you to track claim submissions and warranty credits.

The program offers some exciting new features:

Dealers can register units to the end user from which a Warranty Registration Certificate can be sent directly from the website.

Claims can be submitted directly through the new Portal. All claims are stored for future reference and all correspondence will be logged.

Dealers has the ability to upload parts, labour, evidence and expenses, as well as track the status and
communicate through the portal.

Specific warranty details are available from your local distributor.