5032 Wheeled Stacker

5032 Wheeled Stacker

The Tesab WS5032 is a light duty mobile stockpiling conveyor that has been designed for high capacity stocking operations. The conveyor is perfect for both material stockpiling or material transfer between machines.

The machine’s small footprint makes it perfect for sites with spatial constraints.

Four of these units can be transported in a 40ft, high cube, open top container, thereby substantially reducing transport costs.

Key Features

800mm (32") wide heavy duty 50' long conveyor

Large feed hopper

Close coupled, diesel powered or electric powered

Fast on site setup time - 5 minutes

Adjustable feedboot height to minimize impact

Feedboot extensions


49 Hp (36.5 kW)

4,500kg approx. (10,000 lbs)

up to 400 TPH

Height  2.67m (8′ 5.5″)

Width  2.58m (8′ 5.5″)

Length  12.20m (40′ 0.5″)

Height 6.40m (21′)

Capacity 475m3 (625yds3)