8048SF High Capacity Feeder Stacker

8048SF High Capacity Feeder Stacker

The newly designed Tesab 8040SF is the latest offering as a feeder stacker. It comprises of a large feeder hopper that transfers material onto an 80ft conveyor.

Designed to allow operators to stockpile/ transfer material it eliminates double handling of materials.

The unit can also be compacted for transport on one low loader for easy site to site transport.

Key Features

100KW (127HP) engine

Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimizing setup time

Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 6.5m

User Friendly Hydraulic Controls

4m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability

Fuel efficient Hydraulics system

Dual hydraulic main drive system

Hopper extensions increasing capacity


127 Hp (100 kW)

245,000kg approx. 540,133 lbs

13m³ (17 yd³)

880 TPH (800 metric TPH)

Height  3.4m (11′ 1″)

Width  3.2m (10′ 6″)

Length  19.4m (38′ 8″)

Height 10m (32′ 5″)

Length 26.2m (86′ 1″)