TS2600 2 Deck Screener

TS2600 2 Deck Screener

The hugely advanced TS2600 is leading the market in 20’ x 5’ screeners with its High Quality, High Capacity Performance and Low Operating Cost.

It’s outstanding production performance, ease of use, reliability and the quality of the product it can produce is providing fantastic returns for customers throughout the world. Due to it’s adjustable screenbox angles this machine is incredibly adaptable even in the toughest environments.

It exceeds in a wide range of applications including quarrying, crusher circuits, sand and gravel, coal screening, topsoil, and woodchip. Made from the highest quality components, we’ve made sure the TS2600 will not let you down. You’ll simply not find a better overall 20’ x 5’ screener on the market.

Key Features

20’ x 5’ (6.1m x 1.52m) super high performance Screenbox

High quality components make this one of the most dependable machines on the market

48” (1200mm) feed conveyor ensures high capacity screening

An extremely adaptable machine that exceeds in a huge range of applications


650 T/H*

CAT 125Hp (93Kw)

6.10m x 1.52m (20′ x 5′)

5.49m x 1.52m (18′ x 5′)

Height  3400mm (11′ 2″)

Width  2900mm (9’6″)

Length  18,450mm (60’6″)

Width  18,240mm (59’10”)

Length  18,780mm (61’7″)

Weight (Est)  36,000kgs (79,366Ibs)