TS3430 3 Deck Screener

TS3430 3 Deck Screener

A tripledeck version of the TS2430, the TS3430 gives you even more High Quality Screened Products with a Cross Conveyor and Fourth Product Conveyor as standard.

Just like the two deck version, the TS3430 excels in a wide range of applications, especially Fine Sand Screening. You’ll be amazed by the quality and quantity of product this machine can produce. Designed to be set up quickly, maintained easily and operated economically, this machine will not let you down.

So, if you want more Product and more Capacity from your Screener but don’t want to run a larger machine then the TS3430 is the ideal machine for you.

Key Features

14’ x 5’ (4.2m x 1.52m) Screenbox produces capacities comparable to larger machines

Hydraulic folding conveyors throughout so set up times and costs are significantly lower

High quality components makes this one of the most dependable machines on the market

This machine works excellently well in a huge range of applications


500 T/H*

CAT 100Hp (75Kw)

4.27m x 1.52m (14′ x 5′)

3.66m x 1.52m (12′ x 5′)

4.27m x 1.52m (14′ x 5′)

Height  3450mm (11′ 4″)

Width  4340mm (10’8″)

Length  16,520mm (54’2″)

Width  16,080mm (52’9″)

Length  17,320mm (56’10”)

Weight (Est)  29,000kgs (63,933Ibs)