5040SF Feeding Stacker

5040SF Feeding Stacker

The newly designed Tesab 5040SF is the latest offering as a feeder stacker. It comprises of a 10ft feeder hopper that transfers material onto a 50ft conveyor. Designed to allow operators to stockpile/ transfer material, it eliminates double handling of materials.

The unit can also be compacted for transport into a 40ft high cube container, reducing transport costs.

Key Features

40" (1000 mm) wide heavy-duty conveyor

Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimizing setup time

Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 6.5m

I-beam plate fabricated chassis construction

3.5m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability

Fuel efficient Hydraulics system

User Friendly Hydraulic Controls


74 Hp (55 kW)

319,670 lbs (145,000kg)

6m³ (8 yd³)

550 TPH (500 metric TPH)

Height  2.6m (8′ 5″)

Width  2.3m (7′ 6″)

Length  2.6m (8′ 5″)

Height 6.5m (21′ 3″)

Length 18.9m (62′ 2″)

Stockpile Height 6.5m (21′ 3″)