1125T High Production Impact Crusher

1125T High Production Impact Crusher

The 1125T is in a class of it’s own, bringing the productivity of an 1125mm (44.3″) impactor to a compact footprint for maximum power and maneuverability. The crusher’s design has ease of access in mind, with an excellent layout for operation, maintenance and service. Advanced clutch technology delivers reduced fuel consumption, and less maintenance while increasing safety and productivity.

With it’s simplified controls and efficient hydraulics, the 1125T heavy duty track mounted crusher is sure to make an impact across a variety of materials and applications.

Key Features

1050mm (41.3") diameter x 1125mm (44.3") wide Impactor

375Hp (280kW) engine

Crawler Tracks

I-beam plate fabricated chassis construction

Open chassis design for ease of maintenance

Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors

Apron adjustment to suit either Secondary or Primary crushing

Fast setup time


375 Hp (280 kW)

76,720 lb (34,800kg)

41.3″ diameter x 44.4″ wide

5.0m3 (3.8yd3

Height  3.2m (10′ 6″)

Width  2.65m (8′ 8″)

Length  11.16m (36′ 7″)

Main  1200mm (48″)

Side  2.76m (9′ 1″)