800ie Jaw Crusher

800ie Jaw Crusher

The 800ie is the largest hybrid crusher in the Tesab range, and is designed for primary hard rock crushing in the most sustainable way.

With a capacity of up to +450tph and fuel consumption less than 26LPH*, it features all electric drives while crushing, providing maximum eciency, minimum environmental impact & lower maintenance.The machine can be powered via the Removable Onboard Diesel Genset or connected to Main Utility Electric power for ZERO emissions crushing. With variable speed on the crusher unit and feeder system, it can be configured for a range of applications.

Unblocking the jaw crusher has never been easier or safer, with innovative controls on a single button. The crusher unit can perform an unblock sequence, enhancing site safety and reducing downtime.range of engines to suit any market, the 800i can be fed by Excavator as a standalone unit and also integrates easily into the Tesab range of Secondary Crushers and Screeners.

Key Features

800ie Can Feed Directly From an Excavator

Safe, Simple Controls Make it Easy for Operators to Use

Up to 33% More Fuel Ecient & 70% Reduced Operating Costs

Up to 3 Years Warranty on all Motors & Gear Box Units


450+ TPH *

800mm ( 32”)


CAT C9.3B Tier 4f (Stage 5)


Height  3.8m (12’ 6”)

Width  3.0m (9’ 10”)

Length  14.91m (48’ 11”)

Width  6.0m (19’ 9”) (9’8″)

Length  16.63m (52’ 9”)

Weight (Est)  63,500 Kg* (140,000 lbs)